Harrison Carter Watkins

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Carter has never been able to stay away from his hometown for too long. After spending 2 years in Arizona to study architecture, Carter moved back to Austin to pursue a career in graphic design. With only the formal training he received in architecture school, Carter soon founded his first design company, Sherpa Design, and began his journey as a freelance graphic designer. Carter found many successes and learned a lot about himself during his time freelancing. He gained many valuable client relationships and learned that being a good graphic designer also meant being a good businessman. Carter’s freelancing career began on Craiglist where he advertised himself in a way that no one else was doing. He was honest with potential clients, and found humor in the fact that he was broke and needed a job. He used what many would think of as disadvantages to his benefit, gaining clients because they appreciated his honesty and could relate to his struggles to make it on his own.


After 3 years of freelancing, Carter decided it was time to see what it was like to have a “real job”. First he got picked up by Scott Stricker at Shoehorn Design. Not long after that he began working for InfoWars Magazine in June 2012 and was promoted to Art Director within a few weeks. Carter’s influence within InfoWars reaches far beyond just the magazine. After a year of working on the magazine, Carter was tasked with creating 3D graphics for the InfoWars show as well as graphics for the website that has an average of (lots of) visitors on any given day.


Carter is completely self-taught when it comes to the applications he utilizes on a daily basis. From Photoshop to Cinema4D, there isn’t much Carter can’t do when it comes to design. Carter’s took an unusual route to get where he's at today but that is what makes him a truly unique designer. If there’s something he doesn’t know how to do, he wastes no time teaching himself. Carter typically spends his weekends and free time “working”, but he doesn’t mind, because to him designing isn’t work, it’s his passion.


Carter also enjoys drawing. His artwork epitomizes discipline and concentration. He enjoys combining his love of drawing with his love of graphic design, creating works of art that are both intricate and unique.